Already have your all your social media netoworks created, maintained daily and don't need us to do it for you? *CLINK!* of Congrats!

Here are some ideas on what we can do to help you gain exposure for your business and brand.

We can tweet your Twitter/Facebook/Blog/Newsletter/Online Newspaper/Content under our Twitter accounts: @ClinkAndChat @ChampagneChat @BubblyTalk Radio

We can do a restaurant review for you, as we write for The Bespoke Black Book   *CLINK!* HERE to  see our latest article!

We can post a photo of your business logo or image with a link on one or both of our sites: Clink And Chat  and Bubbly Talk Radio.

We can *pop the cork* (a twitter shout-out) during our Bubbly Talk Radio radio podcasts.  You choose which of our shows best relates to your business & we will include a mention as well as a link to your twitter account in our post about the interview on both our sites: Clink And Chat  and Bubbly Talk Radio.

On "The Champagne Sister Show", our next upcoming guest is Rex Pickett!