#CSSM13 Partner: Wearing Memories @WearingMemories!

We are so excited to present the Inaugural "Champagne Sisters & Social Media Conference" AKA #CSSM13 in partnership with:

Some people hear a pop when a Champagne bottle is opened. Others hear the sound of happiness. Wearing Memories is a unique range of jewelery so that those happy memories can be worn - and remembered - forever. 
The interview with Wearing Memories: *CLINK HERE!*
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#CSSM13 = first inaugural Champagne Sisters & #SocialMedia Conference hosted by Clink And Chat, BubblyTalkRadio, Wearing Memories, Champagne Tendil & Lombardi, Myvenusnow.com, Parisian Palace, @ASensationnElle, @Saladshots & The Bespoke Black Book speaking about how social media brought us together & the impact on our relationships both personally & in business. Have you SEEN where?! *CLINK!* on over to www.ParisianPalace.net & gaze in awe...