#CSSM13 Partner: Chef Aleta Anderson @ChefAleta!

Meet Chef Aleta, a certified personal chef from the United States Personal Chef Association and caterer, also ServSafe certified. 
Chef Aleta provided the meticulously decorated, decadent & unbelievably delicious cakepopalicious treats for #CSSM13

However, not just about the sweet & yummy, Chef Aleta specializes in preparing Vegan, Raw, Allergy Sensitive, Tube Feeding, GMO Free & Gluten Free meals. 
Above, Raw Spinach Manicotti
Below, Vegan Sweet Potato Salad
From Chef Aleta: "I plan the menu, shop, come to the home, bring all cooking utensils except the stove, cook and clean up the kitchen. The service has restaurant taste, home cooked goodness, and exciting menus more varied than most will cook for themselves.   I will prepare 5 entrees, including side dishes, 4 servings of each. The food is conveniently stored in the refrigerator or the freezer, whichever the family prefers. All that is left behind is the wonderful aroma of a day of cooking! Want to really surprise them? Let me cook it at your house and you can bring it the next day!" 

She also offers weekly and monthly preparation services, custom and budget menus! Call her at once:
 Website: *CLINK HERE!* Twitter: *CLINK HERE* Facebook: *CLINK HERE*

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