About Us

 The 4 C's of our structure:

CREATE: to bring into existence
 CUSTOM: made or performed according to personal order
CONTENT: the principal substance
CONNECT: to place or establish a relationship 
 As everyone is different, you need an ideal social media network tailored according to your business. Here we are!
What Makes Us An Exceptional Social Media Management Team:
What you want & what will work best for your business is what we will create for you! We can do a custom package, or you select which social media services you need, depending on what you wish to achieve. What content would you like to share which will drive traffic to your website? Start a Facebook community to share tips and ideas? Start a twitter chat that asks people about specific experiences? Discuss ways to increase awareness of your business or brand? Generate more hard leads? Start a weekly newsletter? Conceive and actualize creative ways to gain customer retention?  We will connect you!

In addition to our specific and targeted niche of Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest...what truly makes us stand out, are the following unique marketing and promotion networks:
We have created and produce a radio podcast network called Bubbly Talk Radio.  Each week, our international community of hosts together via United States, England and Australia interview celebrities, charities and passionate entrepreneurs making their dreams come true. A few of our more recognizable past and upcoming guests include celebrities Kathy Ireland, Richard Simmons, Heather McDonald, Rex Pickett, Martyn Lawrence Bullard & more! However, many of our non-celebrity shows focused on charities, extraordinary achievements and passionate entrepreneurs have gotten thousands of listens!
We can mention your brand on air in these shows & also link your Twitter or Facebook page to the website posts afterward. Every time people listen to the shows they will hear your business mentioned, and see your direct links when reading the article afterward. Of course, we blast the shows across all our collective twitter and facebook accounts. For a direct link to view all our shows, *CLINK!* here!
Our Twitter feed @BubblyTalkRadio ReTweets all the passionate, interesting, relevant tweets from our past show guests, our "Champagne Sisters" and "Champagne Misters" on a regular basis. Once you are a part of our universe, we will always support your passions!

Also, we run an interactive live show on Twitter every Sunday called #ChampagneChat. We get together & tweet about #Champagne, favorite #brunch places, share virtual toasting photos and talk about our adventures with our "Champagne Sisters" and "Champagne Misters".  
On #ChampagneChat, we promote our various business endeavors and those of our participants during this fun, engaging hour long show. Our Twitter feed @ChampagneChat ReTweets all the responses during our show, and engages all "Champagne Sisters" and "Champagne Misters", as well as sharing interesting facts and news about Champagne. 
You will have an image with a caption with your website visible under your personal twitter feed. We will promote your personal business Twitter account through our feeds: 

to provide you maximum exposure via our network.
We at Clink And Chat have established a proven and unique way of reaching the world through our popular radio shows, podcasts, twitter, blogs, facebook, tweet ups, online newspapers, live chats, events, conferences and more!  Our social media expertise will bring immediate attention to your brand once included within our realm. We are ready to connect your business and brand to the world of social media! 

Let us help your business get further exposure and connect to your customers! We will create and/or manage your social media networks. Package service discounts available. Limited space.