What can we do for your Twitter account to gain maximum exposure for your business or brand?
Discuss your objectives for social media 
Account creation and setup
Integrate Twitter, Facebook & Blog
Create ways to advance your brand awareness
Actualize creative ways to generate more customer leads
Conceive ways to increase your current customer retention 
Identify and focus on quality connections and information-sharing with REAL influencers each day & engagement with followers
Manage Direct Message (DM's) and instant messages via text or email you with information, invitations & opportunities
Reputation management – track what’s being said about your business and feeding it back immediately via text or email

Scan for conversations you may find helpful to join, and being alert for relevant articles and new ideas
Join conversations with customers, prospects, partners and others about key issues and concerns
Create positive word-of-mouth about your products and services 
Daily management: minimum 1 tweet per day of info/link/news to promote your business 
Daily management: minimum 1 RT (re-tweet) per day in your niche to engage others. Re-tweets are a real time affirmation of someone else's statement and is often rewarded with a follow
Include of other brand assets (links, newsletter, photos, videos, audio, articles, etc.)
Monthly report on your follower count, exposure, reputation feedback and other important information
Here's what else we can do for you:

We will promote your personal business Twitter account through our feeds:

to provide you maximum exposure via our network.


Our Twitter feed @BubblyTalkRadio repeats all interesting, relevant tweets from our past show guests, our "Champagne Sisters" and "Champagne Misters". Once you are a part of our universe, we will always support your passions! 
 What is Twitter? It is a micro-blogging site, a short message communication tool that allows you to send out messages (tweets) up to 140 characters long to people who subscribe to you (followers). Your tweets can include a link to any web content (blog post, website page, PDF document, etc.), a photograph or video. Twitter could be called a 'real time social networking' site, a place for sharing information as it happens, and for connecting with others in real time.

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